Morning cheer


September morning

At this time – September – the end of summer, but not quite autumn time – the early morning air freshens the cheeks and dew and drizzle damp, drip.

new fresh green acorns

The short walk to my workshop is stop and start – a look closer at little spectacles, spiders’ webs glistening with droplets, the newest fresh acorns, the last of the hedgerow honeysuckle, berries turning, and apples ripening.

Nature cheers, and my spirits are lifted.

Spider's web with dew drops

honeysuckle flower

apples after rain











  1. Comment by LimnerC:

    Beautiful photos. Made me wish my studio was outdoors and not just down the hall.


    • Reply by Jennifer:

      It is a very lovely spot here, and I do love working outdoors – though our studios are special wherever they are, aren’t they?

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