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Serpentine stone stem vase

Stem Vase carved in Green Serpentine Stone – image Alyson Fennell

I was drawn to her stunning images the first time I saw Alyson’s photographs.  In a way it isn’t surprising as she combines her love of nature with art, so we already have a quite lot in common.   Alyson Fennell is a Fine Art Nature Photographer, she is also a keen gardener, growing a lot of the flowers she takes photographs of.

Recently we got chatting online (Instagram – Alyson  me) and I was delighted that she agreed to do a little photo-shoot of one of my stone vases.

Stem Vase filled with Autumn colour

Stem Vase carved in Green Serpentine Stone – image Alyson Fennell


It was so exciting to see how she portrayed it – and I’ve loved seeing the vase through her eyes.  Alyson collected some leaves whilst out walking, which she arranged really beautifully and then did some magic with her camera.  The results are richly seasonal, and so warmly Autumnal.

It has been such a rewarding collaboration – Alyson is super efficient with the sharpest, most exquisite artistic touch.  I absolutely love how she has shown the stone, and just look at those leaves!

It has made me fall in love with this vase all over again in a new and exciting way.

Images by Alyson Fennell Photography







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    a lovey photograph.

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