New Wings


New Wings - Owl sculpture

The young Barn Owls spend vast amounts of time preening, stretching and opening their wings to flap in mock flight.

It is all about building up strength and confidence – I see them using their wings for balance while running, begging for food and for fending off over-eager siblings.  They’re now very protective of their food and each has a separate private place they go to eat.  One likes the top of the nest box, another a beam in the far corner of the workshop and another has chosen the nest box platform.  They turn their backs on the other chicks and spread their wings wide to mantle the prey.

The feather markings are so beautiful – I’m trying to identify each of the chicks by the subtle colour differences, and slight pattern variations.  Not easy.

New Wings – Barn Owlet sculpture carved in Hazeldean Sandstone.

Now showing at Norton Way Gallery


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