Saxifraga in a stone pot

I absolutely love Saxifraga at this time of year (actually at any time of year!) – this one is urbium or commonly known as London Pride or None-so-pretty.

It has to be adored for its mat-forming habit, with those full rosettes of simple lobed leaves and starry  flowers on long leafless stems.  Just now the pink-flushed white flowers are just beginning to emerge.

I have them growing in pots, the clumps are so easy to divide and start new plantings, and before long those long wiry stems are heavy with buds.  They seem to like stone pots, as alpines you’d expect they would, and as long as the drainage is good and they get plenty moisture they seem happy – sort of little individual rock gardens.

Potted plants do need care I find, and these prefer a shady spot and in really hot weather, watering well.  I popped grit on the top to cover the soil to help keep moisture in as it is a small display, but worth it for the lovely evergreen mound issuing the slenderest uprights tipped with the sweetest hints of pink and white.



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