Owl Infants


Owl Infants stone sculpture

My workshop at present is a real mess.  I don’t just mean the usual dust and stone chips – it is splattered with Owlet poo and littered with their pellets.

The Barn Owls nested in my new box and raised three chicks.   They’ve been out of the nest for about a month now but continue to use the workshop as a playground, flapping, stretching, preening, running, hiding and pouncing.  I’ve been watching their antics on my wildlife camera.  What delight.

Owl Infants sculpture carved in stone

These three Owl Infants, from when the boisterous gang were just tiny innocents and still covered in fluffy down, a sculpture carved in Tadcaster Limestone.

Really I don’t mind a bit being surrounded by the disarray – of course it isn’t untidy to the Owls, it is perfectly natural – so I must re-phrase and simply say I’m happy, really happy, to have them here.


Owl Infants sculpture can be seen at Pinkfoot Gallery




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