Owl and Oak leaves


design drawn on the stone for carving

I’m drawing out a design for a stone roundel to be carved with a Barn Owl in flight, oak leaves and a vole scuttling away to safety.  The sketches just make sure I’ve got all the details right before I begin carving.  The pencil lines are fairly simple, and are as a guide.  Sometimes when I start carving, the rounded shapes and undulations of the leaves cause me to get carried away, so I’ve got to be careful that they don’t end up unrecognisable furlings!

laying out the design on the stone before carving

You can probably see it happening a bit in the drawing – the delights of getting lost in a leaf!  The leaf motif runs round the stone, with the Barn Owl in the middle and a small scurrying thing to be found amongst the acorns.  The story is about ready for carving now.

design sketched on stone before carving





  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    what will this be used for when done and how deep will the carving be?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I was going to do a before, and after details of when it was finished. But you beat me to it – The stone is a 1 m dia. paver, the central circle in a flagged seating area. The design will be carved in (approx. 1/2″, deeper in some areas) ready to be filled with metal bronze, copper – like an inlay. I’ll post again when it is all gleaming and ready to be put in place!

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