At Partridge pace


Covey of Partridges

That is Red Legged Partridge pace – I met a gang (they’re social birds and this was probably a family group) on the way to work this morning and followed at their pace.  Partridges tend to prefer to walk, or run away when disturbed – taking flight only if necessary on their small rounded wings, which flap rapidly to carry their larger round bodies.  They are noisy too, this lot were in constant conversation with a range of  unusual noises.  I tried to join in, but couldn’t get my tongue round the sounds of their calls, with the exception of ka-chu-chu.

Red Legged Partridges

I wondered as we walked why they didn’t dash off under the hedgerow instead of walking along the lane directly in front of me.

There was one straggler from the covey, who for a moment went in the opposite direction, then thought better of it, but still lagged behind.  It slowed my step – sometimes it is good not to hurry.

Red Legged Partridge

I find Partridges very charming birds and at this time of year there are lots around here, not surprisingly they’ve found themselves on some of my little stone pots.




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