A Perfect Oval Form


Goose egg

My eye follows the curve round to the large end fitting perfectly the hollow in my palm, arcing up again to the smaller top oval.  The matt surface draws in the light and makes soft shadows.  An egg shape, an egg, a perfect egg.   Ah, if I could sculpt so perfectly.  You can probably imagine the weight and cool of it, and feel the sensation of the chalky shell.  It is a marvel isn’t it?

This is my first goose egg of 2014.  It smells of goose breath.

I used to carry an egg around with me, it now sits on my bookshelf, made of Tiger’s Eye*  and it shone excitingly and rippled with gold bands.  But it was the pleasure of holding it, of running my fingers over its  surface, repeatedly examining through touch the arcs, rounds and symmetry, that I remember best.

I’m pleased to have this real egg, as it justifies my outlay on wheat somewhat, which, as I’ve complained about to my geese,  is horribly expensive.  Scrambled I think – or would you have an omelette?


* Tiger’s Eye – a gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock, that is golden to red brown in colour with a silky lustre.  A member of the quartz group



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