Possibly a perfect match ….


Year of the Goat

According to Chinese astrology, each year – starting from the Chinese New Year, is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a twelve year cycle.  2015 is the year of the Goat.

I love the idea that you’re an animal sign – it makes sense to me.  I rather like the sound of being a goat – their personality is calm and gentle.  They have delicate thoughts, strong creativity and perseverance.  Their lucky flowers are carnations and primroses.  There are some negatives listed, something or other about stubbornness.  Each animal is also subdivided into ‘types’ or elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold or Water.

I’m not a goat though – so I’m looking at compatibility, surely I’ll get on with goats – it says:  possibly a perfect match; most likely an enemy.

Oh dear, I’d better watch out for those horns.  Do you think your animal sign suits you?  I’m a Rat.






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I don’t know what mine is. I’ve read it before but don’t remember.

  2. Comment by Amanda:

    I am the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, I feel I am more suited to the characteristics of our zodiac, Pisces is my sign.
    Amanda xx

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      The characteristics can be uncannily close in describing your personality, can’t they? I don’t know any Pisces – so very pleased to meet a colourful, creative, shimmering fish.

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