Red Grouse


Red Grouse Sculpture

Red Grouse sculpture by Jennifer Tetlow, carved in Yorkstone – 16″ x 9″ x 10″

I went up onto the moor this afternoon, and took Red Grouse with me, to get some photo’s of the bird in its natural habitat.

It was wonderful – sunshine and beautiful clean air, I could see for miles.  Curlews flew overhead with their huge downward curving bill and evocative sound, and Lapwing came swooping close with wavering flight and piercing call – mobbing and distracting.

I’m surrounded by the North York Moors here and see Red Grouse frequently – they feed on the shoots, flowers and seeds of heather, and also eats berries and some insects.  My stone one is pictured here on a tangle of the tough bilberry plant, which, along with the gorse, is beautifully coloured just now.

I could have stayed much longer on the moor, but was reminded I needed make a move by the peaty black water seeping through my clothing from the ground where I was sitting.



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