Red Kite souring overhead


Red Kite

This big bird seemed to be looking down at me yesterday, watching the workshop as it soured overhead – I could see its head moving, as if to get a better look.  Its huge wings were still and just occasionally it changed the angle of its tail to steer.  I thought to begin with it was a buzzard (they nest nearby and I hear their calls most days), but as it drew closer I realised how big it was, then saw the forked tail which helped identify it as a Red Kite.  It circled for some time but eventually disappeared over the tree tops and I lost sight of it.

Red Kite souring

Perhaps it is one of this year’s youngsters looking for a home territory – I think the habitat here is good for it as it likes medium sized deciduous woodland and some conifers in rolling arable farmland and grassland.  Hope it liked what it saw.    The geese gave it a good long look back – in fact it is their heads turned sideways, eyes to the sky, that alerted me to the Red Kite being there in the first place!




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