Romance in Stone – Togetherness


As today is Valentine’s Day, this is the last of my Romance in Stone posts.  How beautifully expressed, in stone sculpture, are expressions of love, through Cupid, Doves, The Kiss and now Togetherness.

Egyptian Stone Statue

Devoted Couple – stone statue from the time of the great Egyptian pyramids – via

This stone carving shows a man and wife in a rather formal show of affection.  The wife,  extends, with dignity and restraint, her arm around the shoulder of her husband – it is just enough to signify that they are together.  They are settled, content, devoted – (though they are not giving much away by their rather blank expressions).  Yet how pleasing, re-affirming and comforting small gestures of love are – captured here in this block of stone.  For me that is why this is a beautiful sculpture.

It is a carving that would likely have been placed in their tomb, and therefore for the eyes of family, friends and neighbours who visited to perform rituals to show their regard, so they were rather duty bound to be ‘respectable’ in their pose and behaviour.   I think this couple knew jolly well how to celebrate their love.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.




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