Routine Maintenance – making my forklift smile!

battery 600

Lately my forklift  has been showing signs of age and becoming temperamental.  Perhaps it was just a reminder to me to do some routine maintenance.  Yesterday I got down to it and found I needed a new battery and alternator.  With these fitted, oil and water checks done, and greasing all round, I’ve got my little workhorse back to good as new.

alternator 600

I remember when I first started working stone, and my tools were just a hammer and chisel –  if I needed anything more I hired it, as I couldn’t afford to buy expensive equipment.  Obviously I became quite well known to the local hire shop – his help to me was invaluable and I still follow advice he gave me – particularly the habit of always putting a little bit by for tools,  equipment and maintenance.  Every time I sell a piece of sculpture, part of that income goes into my ‘tools pot’ – which means (hopefully!) that if a repair is needed, or I’m thinking about new chisels – there is a little fund enabling me to move ahead.

Now I had better get back to work carving and finishing orders, to help maintain my maintenance fund!