Sculptural Leaf shaped Birdbath

A Grand Leaf Birdbath

This commission for a Birdbath was for a surprise special Birthday present, so we discussed a special, sculptural piece.  The design had to sit soundly on an existing eight-inch wide balustrade and be around 12″ in height and around 40″ in length.  Quite a large piece of stone, and until carved, much too heavy for me to move around easily (hence I placed it on my wheeled trolley).

sketches for leaf birdbath

The idea chosen was of a leaf shape, with an integral bird perched on the edge.

Firstly I took the stone down to the height of 12″, being the top level of the Birdbath, leaving a section at one end for the bird details to be carved later.

Carving a Leaf Birdbath

I then tackled the leaf shape, gradually putting in more shape and detail, and began hollowing out an area for the water.

Carving the Leaf Birdbath

As the leaf shape begins to show itself, decisions have to be made – here I’m wondering if the perched bird should have its tail up, or out straight?  I’ve marked in pencil to see which might work the best.  After discussions with the customer, it was decided to have the tail up.

Leaf Birdbath

Perched Bird with tail up

Shaping and refinement continue, and then the beginning of sanding smooth.

shaping and sanding the Leaf Birdbath


At the workshop, awaiting delivery first thing on the morning of the Birthday – Leaf Birdbath carved in Howley Park Sandstone – 41″ x 22″ x 16″


Leaf Birdbath