Hillsborough Castle Otter

Hillsborough Castle Otter Sculpture


Splitting the stone block

This is the story of a commission I received in March this year from Historic Royal Palaces, to carve a life-size sculpture of an otter in Yorkstone for Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.

Historic Royal Palaces

Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

I didn’t have a piece of stone quite the right size, so split a larger block, and this is how the Hillsborough Castle Otter began.

preparing the stone for otter sculpture

Once in position, I made a rough drawing on the stone to mark the otter outline – and then began carving.  Initially, I’m taking away the large areas of unwanted stone.

Making a start on my otter sculpture

Even at this early stage, I can begin to see the curl of the otter and its shape coming to life. All carving from now is about refining and detailing.

otter carving progress

stages of carving an otter in stone

carving an otter sculpture

At the end of each day, I take stock of progress and plan for the following day by marking areas that need attention and further shaping.

finishing my otter sculpture

And the finished piece before being packaged up for its journey to Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.

Otter sculpture