A sundial for Howsham Mill

Howsham Mill Sundial


A piece of stone from the site was used to create a sundial for Howsham Mill.  It was thought, as seen in early photographs of the Mill, that originally there was a sundial in an alcove above the entrance.

There was an attractive carved plinth built-in to the wall, with some old brackets and this would be the site for the new dial.

The sundial was designed to be accurate for the location and carved in a very simple style, with a single bronze rod gnomon set in to cast the shadow.

The Mill wall runs South East, so the numerals were arranged accordingly and the date at the head of the dial represents the date that the Mill was restored.

drawing the design on the stone

My first job was to shape the top of the stone to make an arc, and then draw out the sundial design onto the stone.

first carve of the sundial numerals

And then begin carving.

detail of the numerals carved on the sundial

Sundial carved with numerals

Lastly the bronze gnomon was fitted in place.

Howsham Mill sundial


Howsham Mill – 18th century watermill near Malton in North Yorkshire


The Sundial fixed in place


Howsham Mill Sundial