Memorial walk along the River Aire in Leeds

Memorial Walk along the River Aire, Leeds


The River Aire in Leeds


Memorial Route for Ben


Memorial Plaque

Nine stone columns mark the route of the memorial walk along the banks of the River Aire in Leeds, each with a carving portraying wildlife found in or around the river.

Moveable weir flood defence on the River Aire

The stones are placed at 100 metre intervals along a wide, newly surfaced track.  At one end by Thwaite Mills Watermill you cross the river at the Knostrop new bridge which spans the impressive flood alleviation moveable weir and connects the Trans Pennine Trail with the north bank of the river, and at the other end, the river merges with the Aire and Calder Navigation, which is marked by another bridge, and leads the Trans Pennine Trail into the centre of Leeds.

Memorial walk along the River Aire

Throughout I worked closely with the Senior Landscape Architect and Senior Consultant at Arup, in creating the walk in memory of their colleague.

The nine stones along the walk

Each round column is carved with a different motif, in a circular hollow in the front.  The top is chamfered and fixed with an information plaque about the species carved, with an etched illustration making it suitable for taking rubbings.

stone carving of a butterfly

Stone column carved with a Red Admiral Butterfly.

Stone carving of a Grey Heron

A Grey Heron

Stone carving of a cormorant

A Cormorant

Carving of a pipistrelle bat

A Common Pipistrelle bat

Stone carving of a banded demoiselle damselfly

A Banded Demoiselle damselfy

Stone carving of a salmon

A Salmon

Stone carving of an otter

An Otter

Stone carving of a Fox

A Fox

Stone carving of a Kingfisher

and  a Kingfisher.


A family stop to read the plaque dedicated to Ben on one of the carved columns along the memorial walk.

Walkers read the plaque