Relief Carving Commission – Wren

Pencil sketches of a wren

Work began for the commission with a series of drawings -firstly to get to know Wrens and then re-worked  so that the image could be carved into a simple relief on the face of a large block of stone.


Wren sketches

The idea was to have the wren image on one face of a large, natural looking boulder.  I visited the quarry a number of times to find the right dimensions and a suitable piece of stone.  Eventually I saw a lovely piece of stone, but it was much too large, so I arranged with the quarry for one end to be sawn off  and this gave me my block.

Block of stone

Once back at the workshop I began the carving.  Firstly the outline of the wren was drawn on the block, and then the background taken back.  Once this had been achieved, and smoothed flat, I then started shaping the wren, to give a more life-like feel.

Wren drawn on the stone block

Stages of Carving a wren

Wren relief carving

Lots of sanding and the block was finished and ready for delivery.  Here it is on site being put into place.

stone block being put in position