Sitting Dog sculpture

Sitting Dog Sculpture


The subject of my sculpture

Perhaps first of all I should introduce the subject of my sculpture.  She visited the workshop so that I could get to know her a bit.  I’m not sure what she made of the meeting, as I measured and examined and stared and watched as she explored.

In preparation

sketch of a dog's head

After the visit I drew her and made maquettes in clay in preparation for the sculpture, which was to be lifesize, of her in a sitting position.  The drawings and clay models help me in understanding her shape and form and to ensure I have something of her personality captured, and for the customer to know, in broad outline, what the finished sculpture will look like.


Stone block ready for carving

The stone block in position ready for carving my sitting dog sculpture


dog outline drawn on stone block

An outline of the sitting dog drawn on the stone before carving begins on the sculpture

Carving Progress

Stages of carving dog sculpture


Carving a dog sculpture

Carving stages of dog sculpture

Stages of carving my dog sculpture

Work in progress on dog sculpture

carving in details

Dog sculpture work in progress

Working late

Finishing stages of carving a dog sculpture

Finishing details and sanding

Final sanding to my sculpture