Shrubbery Bird


Shrubbery Bird sculpture

Shrubbery Bird garden sculpture carved in Yorkstone

Birds love shrubs.  Here there’s a rather tangly, unmanaged shrub area, but it is always full of birds and insects who seem very happy with my casual gardening style.

The woody shrubs and climbers provide food for wildlife, including berries, fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves, and nectar-rich flowers.  The shrubbery also provides shelter and breeding places for wildlife, nesting birds and hibernating insects make their homes there, predators seek out insects and other invertebrates to eat, and insects like butterflies use it for shelter.  There’s always plenty of shade and cover to allow birds and creatures to move about safely and hide if need be.

It is a lovely place to sit for a while in the evening, especially at this time of year, the ever-so fresh green of the new Hawthorn leaves, and the early spring, pollen-rich Barberry, and Currant flowers are a beautiful sight.

Shrubbery Bird seems very much at home.


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