Simple shapes for Semps


Tadcaster Limestone pot

I’ve been making stone plant pots for an order this week, and while I was at it thought I would try a new shape in the beautiful pale yellow Tadcaster Limestone, a test pot for my own Sempervivums, which have been flowering and multiplying like mad.   Usually I make the little succulent pots in Yorkstone in a very simple shape – which shows off really well the lovely forms the growing florets create.  I do like to try out new pot shapes as often as possible though.

Semp in Yorkstone pot

Getting the curve and straight balance isn’t so easy – it looked lovely when I quickly drew it.  Now it is planted I think I can see where improvements can be made.  Sometimes working the same shape in a different stone is all that is needed.  The top rim of this pot I’ve left wide – it helps support the new rosetted offshoots.  Semps don’t need much space, or compost (in the wild they grow between rocks in mountainous regions).

Semps planted in a stone pot

I’m wondering if the solution is to turn the pot upside down – have the narrowing part as the base and make the wider part the planting area?   I’ve got another piece of stone which will fit the job perfectly.  See you later….




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