A slither of swallow


Swallow carved in slate

Well actually a slither of slate carved into a swallow – though this is the shape I see as they fly past my head and into the shed to their nest on the rafter.  Yesterday I heard the faintest chirp, more like a wheeze, and eventually discovered the source.  A tiny, wobbly, thin-necked, fresh-hatched swallow baby.

Now there are four open mouths leaning outward from the nest rim waiting for food.




  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    too late for babies that young down here though I am seeing the last of the broods as juveniles…a ratty looking male cardinal getting his color, a similar ratty looking grackle getting his, a scrawny bluejay, and I saw a young kite calling still wanting to be fed.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I think it is quite late too – but they’re growing fast! You’re beautifully surrounded by birds – aren’t they just a wonder.

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