Small round stone succulent planter


Small round stone succulent planter

I’m working on perfecting the curves and bowl shape of these little stone pots for succulents, and getting the rim just right.

It is a slow and delicate task, but when each has its own little plant, the trials of working the stone are forgotten.

Part of the appeal of succulents is their variety of colours and shapes – the ones I’ve planted here are in the purple colour family and are best for outdoor spaces.  For indoors there are plenty green succulents, in fact for inside the greener the better, there are lots in bright green in a huge variety of shapes.  Give succulents plenty room to breathe indoors.  In the garden they will thrive in crowded compositions, but in the lower indoor light it is best to space them apart so the maximum amount of sunlight can reach them.

You might need lots of pots – there are some in my shop if you like stone pots!

Do you think succulents look better in round, square or other shaped pots?




  1. Comment by Diana Ion:

    I love the subtle colours in the pot at the front.
    Also thanks for sharing the post about the Elementum publication, I ordered it, and now it’s arrived I just want to admire it and sniff the pages!It smells wonderful.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou! This stone has wonderful colouring, sometimes it looks almost like marbling in rust shades. My copy of Elementum smelled heavenly too, fresh print – altogether a lovely experience. So glad you were inspired to visit the site and order a copy. Lovely to have your comment.

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