Snowy stoat


View from my workshop - snow blizzard

Many layered this morning as the forecast was for really cold, glad too, as it was blizzarding at the workshop, and into the workshop!  Snow gets in through the smallest gaps and holes, and seems to go round corners to find its way in and I can’t clear surfaces quickly enough.

The downfalls are, happily, intermittent and have excited my workshop stoat – or perhaps it is hunger driving it out in the open.  I fancy they rather like snow, I’ve just watched this one seeming to ‘play’ in the freshly delivered flakes.  They are so curious, it stood upright, alert, looking straight at me, then bounded forward, stood stock still and again stared.  Discovering I was nothing of interest it went about its day.

Stoat in the snow at my workshop

I noted all its twitches and postures and that wild, so wild eye – tucked away and logged for sculpture of stoat – to add to this stoat family.




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