Some say it’s different …

Tadpole sculpture

Pollywogs – carved in Polyphant (Cornish Soapstone)


Some say weird, some wonderful, others have been unsettled!  A lovely comment said the exhibition was ‘calm’.  I’m talking about our show Naturally Inclined at The White Room Gallery, in York.

Actually these comments refer to my pieces – and I’ve been surprised that so many visitors have said how much my work has changed.  To me it is just the same as ever, I think in the same way about execution, finish and craftsmanship, and I’ve sought to honour the stone, in its colour, texture and markings.  I will admit that my subject matter has moved a little, rather than animal or bird sculpture, pieces have been inspired by my garden – seeds, growth, insects and germination – oh, and tadpoles.  At the centre of my interest is the natural world, and this emanates from the core of all my carving.  Or is my work changing?

Perhaps you’d like to judge for yourself – the exhibition runs throughout April and we are having a Meet the Artists in the gallery on Saturday 12th April, 1-5pm.  Come and see us on Saturday – or rather come and see our work – and if there is anything you find incomprehensible, I’m on hand to interpret!


Sanding sculpture

Here I am sanding one of the pieces to perfect the finish

Preparation of stone sculpture

Pieces in the workshop waiting for the next stage of sanding to finish

Stone sculpture seeds and pods

Some of the pieces for the exhibition ready to be delivered to the gallery





  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I like the tadpoles and the squiggly pears. Not changing so much as adding or enlarging judging by these few pieces but that’s good, right? Continuing to find expression in new ways, shapes but still from the same core.

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    I would say so Ellen – and very well put – of course we cannot help exploring. Glad you liked them – squiggly pears, now their new name!

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