Spring Stone Carving Course


Stone Carving Course April 2018 in Lastingham

Over the weekend Lastingham  rang with the sound of stone carvers – all busy on my Spring Stone Carving Course held in village.

Learning stone carving - a dog in progress

Concentration during stone carving

I know I’m repeating myself by saying how delighted and astonished I am about the ability of first time carvers, but just look at what was achieved in the allocated two days and at the simply beautiful sculptures created.

Stone Carving Course – April 2018

Carving stone - how to rough out the shape

Bird carved on the Stone Carving Course in Lastingham

Long eared owl carved in stone






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    two days doesn’t seem like enough time. do these people get the opportunity to work on their sculpture more?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Actually at lunch on one of the days we discussed this, and whether the course could be longer. Two days is a great starter point, and a weekend seems preferred, as it is when everyone is not at work. I know some on the course will invest in some chisels, to do tiny finishing bits and so they can continue carving. Some of my carvers come back on a further course. Perhaps a three day, or week long course can be scheduled in for next year! (There was comment though that maybe two days was enough on the arms!)

  2. Comment by Caroline:

    Wonderful to see such creativity in action! I was wondering about scale for first time or early pieces, Jennifer, but can get a good idea, in fact, from your first photo. Such beautiful mark-making.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou Caroline – I have a selection of stone for carvers on the course. Usually stone is chosen because it appeals in some way, maybe colour, shape, markings or overall suitability for an idea that the carver brought with them. Some of the stones are softer than others, and this is a consideration too. Everyone carves at a different rate, and makes something different – there are so many variables – but I do like everyone to think fairly ambitiously about their carving from the outset (I’m justified in this in that almost exclusively the comments are ‘I achieved much more than I thought I would’!)

      Selection of stone ready for the Stone Carving Course

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