Stone adjusting to its new surroundings


Delivery of stone in the snow

Last week a delivery of stone arrived and it was so cold and still snowing here, that I left it sitting.

delivery of Kilkenny Limestone

Today is such a pleasure unpacking, removing the wrapping and straps, letting it breathe and showing the blocks their new surroundings.

Kilkenny Limestone block ready for carving

I really appreciate when the quarry has taken the time to send my stone stacked and packaged with care for its journey.  The stone pieces had cardboard corner protectors, and battons between each block so they all arrived in pristine condition.  A pallet full of beautiful stone.  Thankyou McKeon Stone.

Kilkenny Limestone block

Kilkenny Limestone block acclimatising before carving begins






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    are each of these blocks for one sculpture or will you break up the larger blocks?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Each block will be used for an individual sculpture – I’m not breaking up the blocks (except for taking away where needed for the carving), so this lump is quite a size for me!

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