Stone Ant

Stone ant

On occasion I have unintentionally disturbed an ant’s nest whilst gardening or moving stones – and felt guilt as I’ve watched the frantic carrying of the pristine white eggs by a mass of scurrying bodies.  They have clever and successful social structures and organisation within their nests and it is incredible how quickly order is restored.

Ant sculpture

I carved a stone ant for my recent exhibition – The Museum as Muse.  I used Polyphant (an English Soapstone) which is dark in colour, but has contrasting mottling.    My mind was full of thoughts about collecting as the focus for my exhibition was the Harrison Collection at the Ryedale Folk Museum.   Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper came to mind – and the preparing and storing the ant did.  Do you think there is a deep rooted instinct in us all to gather and collect?

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