Stone Carving Course Spring 2016

Stone Carving Course – April 2016


Carving begins on the stone carving course

The group hard at work beginning their sculptures.  The images show work in progress, stone carving stages and the finished pieces from the course.

group of stone carvers

Relief carved letters and the beginnings of a hare.

relief carving

relief carved letter

Sheep – carved to look so plump and contented.

sheep carving

carving a sheep

Carving a stone head.

detail of carved head

head carving

Carved bowl with textured outside and smooth inside.

bowl carved in stone

stone bowl with textured surface

A bird with a wonderful expression.

bird carved on the stone carving course

Shell carving, showing the interior hollows of an old eroded shell.

carving a shell

A square and compass carving.

square and compass carving

The owl carving in progress and the carver’s beautiful signature of a swallow relief carved in a circle.

owl carving in progress

signing your work

Bird carved in an simple style with strong lines, sitting very proudly in the sunshine at the end of the second day of carving.

carved stone bird on a wall