Autumn 2016 stone carving course

Stone Carving Course – September 2016


All set up for the stone carving course

All set up for everyone to arrive and the group busy with first stages of roughing out their sculptures.

Stone carving course Autumn 2016

Images from the two days of carving.

fruit with seed

A voluptuous fruit with seed carved in sandstone.

face carving in stone

face and flowers

A face and carving of flowers in relief, signed on the top by the carver.

carving signed

Leaves and stems clamber around this stone.

carved stone foliage

Carving a sitting figure in sandstone.

figure carving in progress

Letter cutting, both incised and relief and a practice stone for different textures that can be created with the chisel on stone.

letter carving in stone

practicing carving textures on stone

And a carving of a mask, finely detailed and sanded to a smooth finish.

mask carving in stone