Stone Sculpture Talk


The Methodist Chapel in Sinnington

The Sinnington People’s Guild  invited me to give a talk at their meeting, so yesterday evening I went to the Methodist Schoolroom where they have their Tuesday gatherings.

Noticeboard with poster about my talk

Sinnington is a nearby North Yorkshire village.  The village name originates from Medieval times and was known as ‘settlement on the Seven’ after the river which runs through the middle of it.

Entrance to Sinnington Methodist Chapel

It was a wet and blowy evening, so it was a delight to step into the warm welcome in the schoolroom.

Window at Sinnington Methodist Chapel

The talk was titled ‘From Stone to Sculpture’ and followed the stages of making a sculpture from selecting the stone at the quarry, to delivering the final commissioned piece.

Piano at Sinnington Methodist Chapel

Presentation plaque

The Meeting began with some words from the President, Jill Simpson followed by singing accompanied by pianist John Woodmansey.  We all sang again after the talk and finished with tea and biscuits and chatter.

We sang together

Through the arched window

The evening was a delight – the building, and those in it, seemed to wrap me up in warmth, simple gratitude, memory, history and kindness.  It feels such a good thing to sing out-loud with other friendly voices.  I’m really looking forward to their Carol Evening.

We all sang after the meeting

Members of the Sinnington People's Guild




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