Stone Vases


Pebble vases

Stone Vases – carved in green Serpentine stone and Carrara Marble by Jennifer Tetlow


Many years ago I saw the work of Mitsuru Koga and discovered his beautifull Sea Stone Works – miniature vases made from stones he had collected on the beach.  The whole concept behind the work appeals  – to quote  ‘I look for really beautiful stones, finding beautiful stones starts the process of creating’ and ‘whenever I come across stones, I ask them what processes they went through’.

Don’t his stone vases have a calm beauty and balance?   I think this comes from  a gentle touch and great sensitivity to the natural world.

Since that time I have had in mind to make my own tiny vessels – I’ve had a go a few times and they haven’t quite worked out.  In the workshop I have a large pallet, full to over-flowing with chunks of stone which have come from my sculpting larger pieces, they are the off-cuts and rubble of making.  Just as Mitsuru finds beautiful stones on the beach, which demand to be picked up, so my ‘waste’ shards have been collected as my beautiful stones.  These now are transformed into elegant and uniquely beautiful stone vases.  Each one in itself a small, they’re only inches tall, work of art.

Stone vases available for sale in my shop.




  1. Comment by ellen abbott:

    they are so sweet Jennifer.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou – good use of off-cuts do you think?

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