Storm Eleanor on Lastingham Ridge


View from Lastingham Ridge

I love this view – right there in the middle of the picture is a tree and if you follow down into the valley beneath, you find Lastingham village and my workshop.  The trees on the skyline to the right are the very ones I look up at and which create a backdrop curve around me as I work.

It looks like a calm scene doesn’t it, but whilst taking this I could hardly stand up and the wind, the gusts of storm Eleanor, where sucking the air out of my mouth and nose.  When I got back down to the shelter of the village I felt all funny and off-balance, after the strenuous effort of leaning into the wind whilst on the ridge, and then finding that I no longer needed to.

January walk on Lastingham Ridge

A moorland walk, following the track along Lastingham Ridge – quite the best start to January – feeling invigorated and thoroughly buffeted!






  1. Comment by Caroline:

    Such a wonderful area, Jennifer – though I have only once visited the remarkable church. Judging by the seas off Suffolk (I could only walk a few steps on to the beach at Shingle Street one afternoon), I can only imagine you felt the full force of the wind.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I think the storm had dissipated somewhat by the time if reached us here – I’m surprised you could stand at all on the shingles!

  2. Comment by Caroline:

    Thank you, Jennifer, for your kind comment on my wildflower poetry post (my poem is actually ‘about’ the Wandering Snail Lymnaea/Radix Peregra – since this year’s theme was ‘aquatic life on the Fromus reserve’.) In the photo you mention I am holding a copy of this year’s Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust ‘annals’, which has just been published. The 2019 edition will include my poem, and will come out in a year’s time.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I saw the pic of the Snail and it looks so beautiful in its underwater world – had an explore of the website too, wonderful work – I’ll just have to wait until next year then – do remind me!

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