Summer Begins


Pied Wagtain fledgling

What a day to fledge – as if in celebration of the summer solstice  – my Pied Wagtail chicks at the workshop flew the nest into a gloriously warm, sunny day.  Everywhere I turned there seemed to be a startled, calling, fresh-feathered fledgling.

Pied Wagtail just fledged

Though they are still demanding of their parents for food, I can see typical Wagtail insect seizing behaviour already, their eyes following anything airborne nearby, followed by an instinctive lunge forward after it.

Pied Wagtail fledgling

It is not as easy as the adults make it look – so the youngsters begin a noisy demonstration, with bowing stance and wing trembling insistence, which brings excellent results.

Food being brought to fledgling


Fledgling Pied Wagtail being fed

Happy summertime!







  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    great capture!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I sat very quietly and just watched them but I think they’re quite used to me now! Very glad to be able to get one of the feeds in focus, I’ve got hundreds of very blurred attempts!

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