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Beautifully styled shelf and table by The Future Kept

Sometimes weeks and months can go by without me really noticing.  I’m concentrating, making, carving, deliberately quiet, thoughtful.  Today on my walk to the workshop the sun was warm, despite a deeply frosty night and it gave me the sense of feeling very open and awake.  I collected some little stems from the hedgerow and verge to pop in my vases and thought about all the ones I’d spent time making, and the people I’d made them for.

Hopefully you’ll love just as much as I do, the way my stones have been curated, displayed and cared for, by my supporters and collaborators who I simply do not thank enough.

So here’s to the special (very special) people who represent my making efforts – thankyou!

Earlier in the year The Future Kept and I put together a small collection of vases, in the softly tactile Rosa Marble and Soapstone.   The owners of The Future Kept, Jeska and Dean have put together an enticing display, and so much in tune with how I imagine the vases will be used and cherished – the glorious stems have all come from their garden, plants grown from seed, nurtured and cared for, and now remembered and celebrated on a shelf filled with collected and treasured objects.

The vases are now available at The Future Kept – and they do make exceptional gifts!  Exploring the shop is a treat – and the sound ideas behind it worth repeating:

Buy Less – Buy Better.  The Future Kept is a collection of consciously crafted, responsibly and ethically sourced products for your home, and living a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle. Nestled on the south coast of England, we design and carefully source unique items from makers and artisans who craft handmade products better for our world, to become part of your life story, forming an intimacy between you and your belongings, to cherish and keep.

Marble vases



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