Taste the Rain


Sculpture in a wood

Taste the rain – sculpture by Anna Gillespie

I love walks on Christmas Day, fresh air after the excesses and excitements.  I went for a walk on Boxing Day, and today too, despite the wind and rain.  Today’s walk took me through Hagg Wood, a bank of trees snaking above the stream that runs through Lastingham village.  Once amongst the bare tree trunks and branches, I was reminded of this sculpture by Anna Gillespie – which she made using bark and called Taste the Rain. 

On many occasions I have done this, standing with my face skyward, allowing the rain to pour and soak my face and run where it may.  Today it was more a matter of avoiding the rain being blown too hard into my eyes and stinging my face, and I certainly tasted it!  Bracing – but worth it for the glowing and tingling in my cheeks which I’m still feeling.



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