The Moorhen at Oldfield Pond


Oldfield Pond

I’ve come to this pond to watch wildlife many times – here it is in Winter, looking a little bleak – but as we come into Spring the edges fill with rush and reeds and its inhabitants re-appear and it is teeming with activity and life.

For as long as I can remember a pair of Moorhens have built their nest and raised a family here – I always slow in the lane above, in case they’re crossing to  the field on the other side or have been foraging in the verges.  Mostly I see them on the water or hiding at the edges, weaving in and out of the vegetation.

Many happy hours have been spent observing this Moorhen pair and they’ve  given rise to my latest carving.   Kilkenny Limestone seemed a good choice for the stone, for the smooth, polished surface that can be achieved with it, and of course the colour.


carving Moorhen sculpture

detail of carving

Work in progress on my Moorhen stone sculpture


Oldfield Pond in winter

Bullrushes at the edge of Oldfield Pond, where the Moorhens love to hide


The carving is now at the sanding stage – so lots of careful, steady hours ahead.

Detail of Moorhen carving progress

Moorhen update


I took the finished piece up to Oldfield Pond to photograph – here is the finished piece – Moorhen Sculpture





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