The Rockefeller Owl


owl sculpture

Owl sculpture available at Watermark Gallery – now sold

What an extraordinary story this is – the Christmas tree ordered for the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan, New York City arrived and when workers were unwrapping and installing it, they found a small owl hiding in the branches!

It appears as if the owl, a Saw-whet owl, had travelled some 200 miles in the tree from its growing place in Oneonta to Midtown.  The owl was taken to a rescue center and is being looked after.

Christmas tree owl

Owl sculpture available at Watermark Gallery – now sold

There’s a little debate about whether the owl did travel in the tree, or flew into it as it was being put in position, Saw-whet owls do pass through the city sometimes while migrating south around this time of year.  All indications however are that it got wrapped up in the 75 foot tall Norway Spruce and survived to tell the tale.  The Wildlife Centre is planning to release the owl back into the wild once he (they’ve called him Rockefeller) has a clean bill of health.

A Christmas Tree Owl


If you too would like to find an owl in (or under) your Christmas tree this year there are one or two still available at galleries showing my sculpture over the festive period – Watermark Gallery, Harrogate

Garden Owl

Owl sculpture available at Watermark Gallery – now sold


at the Artisans’ Bazaar,

Owl sculpture

Owl sculpture available at Artisans’ Bazaar – now sold


Owl sculpture available in my shop

Row of Owls sculpture





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