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owl sculpture

Bop is a tiny, few week old Tawny Owl chick, found by Countryside Tales blog in the road, bleeding.  The injured bird was quickly taken to someone who has expertise in wildlife rehabilitation who was able to care for it.

I’ve been thinking about how lucky it was that someone who has understanding and knowledge of wildlife found and rescued Bop, and of course I’ve been wondering how the chick is progressing.  It has been on my mind rather a lot.

Tawny owl chick carving

The stone for this carving was itself a rescue – it was on a pile at the quarry, a discarded off-cut which would probably have been made into walling, or crushed.  I picked it out from a huge pile to take home as a sample to try, it is Hazeldean sandstone from Hutton Stone and quarried in Alnwick in Northumberland.

Tawny Owl Chick sculpture

The sculpture is of Bop – for Bop …. by way of saying get well, be strong, fledge, become independant and return to the wild.

Tawny Owl chick sculpture

Do visit Countryside  Tales (for updates on Bop at the very least) it is a wonderfully inspiring blog – I’m indebted for the images and story of the Tawny Owl chick rescue and for all the knowledge and wildlife revelations generously shared in a really beautiful record of Hampshire wildlife.




  1. Comment by countrysidetales:

    Oh my goodness, I feel quite teary reading this post. What a beautiful sculpture. On behalf of Bop, thank you. I will be ringing Jill for an update tomorrow and hope to get over to Wiltshire to see him this weekend so I will update you then. I absolutely understand if not, but I wondered whether the Bop sculpture might be for sale? If so, I would love to buy it.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Really pleased to just read your latest post about Bop and look forward to your update this weekend if you manage to visit. The Bop sculpture is for sale – my thought was to have the piece at my Open Studio this weekend and if it sold would have liked to contribute some of the proceeds to help looking after Bop, but… and thankyou – do you think the stone Bop might come and live with you – it would be amazing! Now I’m teary too.

      PS could you email, I’ve tried sending details (without success?!)

  2. Comment by Amanda:

    How nice of you to make this and it looks wonderful, I can see CT just saying to OH “just popping out dear….might be some time!!” as she drives up to collect it….
    Amanda xx

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Oh, how inspiring is little Bop and I was so touched by those great big bewildered eyes and how vulnerable a mound of feathers cradled in CT’s arms. Delighted all seems well so far!

  3. Comment by countrysidetales:

    Fantastic! We would love to buy him and have him come and live with us. I’ve changed the email details to my personal one as the other doesn’t seem to be working. Ping me an email on it and we can sort the details out. I am soooo excited at the prospect of having a sculpture of him!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou – I’ve emailed and hope you have that now.

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