A Train of Jackdaws


Jackdaws in the early morning

This post might have been called Jackdaw-ation – a sort of mix between murmuration, but this time of Jackdaws, and it almost says adoration too – but instead we have a Train (the name for a group of Jackdaws).  On these stormy, blustery days we’ve been having, the Jackdaws seem to gather for a party, a huge group play.  They fly hard together and then seem to allow the wind to buffet and blow them, bird and feather being tossed, flipped and spun – the group dispersed, scattered in disarray – then suddenly recovered to a purposeful flock in flight.  This all carried on with the loudest and most exuberant sound.  Makes me want to join in the fun.

Flock of Jackdaws

Jackdaw flock



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