View with Stone


View with stone

I sat on this stone – it was warm from the morning’s sun – and took in the view whilst eating lunch.  An excursion to explore an old quarry site, now overgrown with saplings, bramble and wild flowers.  I disturbed a deer, surprised a Tawny Owl, watched rabbits scamper and squirrels scurry.  Butterflies basked and bees foraged.

old quarry grown with saplings

On this boulder moss and wiry grass grew from the crevices.  A pair of small, I think fruit flies, were mid courtship (or battle!) rotating their wings in elaborate circling movement as they clambered a green stem, walking towards and backing up to each other.  Ants hurried past seemingly oblivious, intent on their own tasks.  I left them to it.

blocks of old weathered stone

A bit of a perfect morning for me – a view, a walk, lunch and nature with stone.




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