Visits and Anniversaries


This week I had a lovely afternoon with Virginie and Stephen from the White Fox Gallery in Coldstream, who visited to collect  some of my sculpture for their next exhibition.  They’d just been out walking on the moor and were rosy cheeked and full of smiles.

It is rather a special occasion as it is the gallery’s ‘third year anniversary celebration’ exhibition and Virginie has curated a mix of artists who have shown with the gallery over the last three years.  It is very exciting for me to be showing alongside


Tom Cooper (Fine Cabinet Maker and Wood Turner)

Wood turned bowl by Tom Cooper


John Smith (Wood Turner)

Wood vessels by John Smith


Julia Cowie (Metal worker and Silversmith)

Bronze tumbler by Julie Cowie


Ian Whitehouse (Jeweller)


Heather Potten (Feltmaker)

Heather Potten felt                        Heather Potten feltmaker


Frances Wilson (Porcelain Artist)

Frances Wilson porcelain


Anniversary Exhibition

at the White Fox Gallery,  The Hirsel Estate, Coldstream

Exhibition opens on Saturday 12th November, 2016

celebrations start at 1.30 pm – 4pm




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