Whimbrel Sculpture


Whimbrel sculpture

The Whimbrel is a large brown wading bird with a long down-curved bill which it uses to probe into wet sand for invertebrates such as crabs, walking slowly through areas where the water is very shallow.  It is also partial to ground insects, slugs and snails.

They are significantly vocal birds having a rippling whistle call, prolonged into a trill for the song.  The name Whimbrel, originating in England, is said to be a loose interpretation of the bird’s call.

During the nesting season they make a bare scrape on the tundra, moorland or upland, but during migration and winter are found on salt marshes, mudflats, beaches and small islands.  They’re sometimes found inland after being grounded by storms, taking refuge in farm fields, lake shores or other open spaces.


Whimbrel sculpture will be exhibited at Glemham Hall




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