Work Boots

When I first got these boots they were stiff and actually, a bit uncomfortable.  I know from having had many pairs of work boots  in the past, that this is just a temporary inconvenience.  Very soon they lose their new polish and ‘wear-in’.


Steel-toe-capped boots have saved my feet on many occasions!  I’ve rested stone on the caps before lifting, or to get my fingers out of the way when putting stone down.  One time a stone toppled over and landed on my feet, missing my shins by a whisker, but my toes were safe.  On that occasion the stone was too heavy to move, so to extricate myself, I had to undo the laces and step out of the boots!

My geese seem fascinated with the rugged tread on the soles, and love to tweek the eyelets off with their beaks – but they are also keen on my wellies, so perhaps it is footwear in general!

The reason I mention the boots at all, is that I haven’t been able to wear them over the last few days, as I painfully stubbed my toe whilst running upstairs (bare foot) and it is now black and blue and very tender.  I’m realising how much for granted I take the security of having them on!

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