In the Workshop today – Little Bird


Little bird sculpture

Workshop Wren sculpture

Around the workshop a restless Wren is busy darting about, and when the door is open comes in to check for lacewings and spiders to feed on.   Although they’re highly territorial birds, during winter months, and especially when it is bitterly cold, they roost together, several dozen huddled together for warmth.  It’s lovely to think that as dusk falls a group come into my shed and squeeze together on one of the beams.

Little Bird sculpture

Wren sculpture – work in progress

I’m busy making a row of Wrens inspired by this thought.

This is the first one, looking suitably fluffed up to keep warm.  I’ve used my favourite fine-grained sandstone to carve them in, which is a buff colour, the nearest I had to the Wren’s rich brown plumage.

Little Birds



  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    so cute!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thanks Ellen

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