In the Workshop today – carving triangles


Surface pattern on stone

These little simple shapes – I’m just carving triangles – when repeated, grouped, and wandering, magically make patterns.   I adore the way they catch the light and the stone surface comes alive.

The triangles span out, as they spread they look like stars.

But, actually the idea is that they will indicate scales.   I’m working on a shoal.

Carving texture





  1. Comment by Caroline:

    As ever, such fine work … and I love the star effect, Jennifer (and look forward to seeing the shoal!).

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I’ve recently seen this design on the entrance to a church, and learn it is called Romanesque star design, chip-carved star, or saltire cross. I think it will appear in my work again, such an adaptable design, will go in circles, round corners and in borders, rather addictive! I’m rather dazzled by it. Here the beginnings of shoal

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