In the Workshop today – dry dust


Stone dust in the workshop

When I first started working stone I used to go to the stone-dressers’ sheds at the quarry and watch them working to see if I could glean any tips.  Hours of rythmic, neat facing of stone, pitched edges, punch faced walling and curved coping stones.  At the end of the day’s shift, tools were tidied and the work areas hosed down, or water splashed over everything from a bucket.

Stone dust covers everything

I asked one of them why they always sprinkled water over everything, and was told that it was to keep the dust down.  It was a practice I adopted and found that not only did it work, but that the smell in the workshop the following morning was intoxicating – damp, sweet, earthy stone.  Slightly wet sandstone, a smell I love and find hugely comforting.  Try breathing in with your nose close to fresh cut stone just after rain – you’ll see what I mean!

The hot weather we’re having creates such dry dust and I’m noticing clouds of it rise each time I move – time for an early damping down I think.




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