In the Workshop today – ferns


drawing on stone in preparation for carving

After carving Gold Leaf  I’ve had many requests to carve similar pieces, with a variety of leaves, sprigs, flora and fauna.  This one delicately describes the unfurling of fern fronds.  Here I’m drawing onto the stone in preparation for carving, trying to get the very specific way ferns hold themselves to fit onto the round of the stone ball.

Carving fern fronds in stone

I wanted to get the arcs, curves and curls of the stems carved in detail, and became engrossed in the pinnules, each dividing into lobed leaves.  Gorgeous shapes.

Ferns unfurling stone sculpture  Ferns unfurling sculpture in the garden

It is such a treat to see the carved stone fern frond sculpture in its new garden, these are images sent to me afterwards.  The planting in the garden is heavenly, the fern ball sitting proud, the centre-piece on a stone paved circle surrounded by swathes of soft coloured flowers and foliage, and real ferns!

It is very touching, and ultimately rewarding to see my creations in the very beautiful surroundings made for them by my customers.





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