In the Workshop today – otter carving


Otter sculpture - carving progress

The stone is warm from the heat of the sun and I’m trying to keep a clear head as I work the details of my otter sculpture.  This refining and making of small alterations at this stage of carving can have an enormous impact.  The chisel, with the smallest cut, may change the character, expression and nature of the piece.

It’s intense.  The heat, the engrossment.

I’m attentive and we move – in the cooler, calmer shade, instinct guides.  Slowly the curves and shapes come into line and I catch a glimpse of otter essence.






  1. Comment by David Ranby:

    Jennifer, he already looks like he is hunting, alert and about to move. Looking forward to seeing the nest stage

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Hello David – thankyou, this is about as perfect a comment as you could make! I’ll keep posting progress.

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