Wren Fledglings


Wren chick

Such commotion and excitement surrounded the emergence of the Wren chicks from their nest in the stone store at my workshop.  As they disperse, the parents become more and more vocal in encouraging them to a safe place and shouting warnings, and the chicks louder and louder in demanding food.

Wren fledgling

They’re so vulnerable at this stage and I feel protective of them myself – rushing out to check everything is okay when the calls become suddenly agitated.  I have to remind myself to just leave them be, and the adult birds know best.

Wren sculpture

It is a lovely, but all too short a time, when they’re still close to the nest site, and finding their feet, and I spend as many moments as possible just watching them.

Wren sculpture

I placed these little Wren sculptures on the stones where the fledglings had been, by way of a rather sentimental celebration – the young wrens seemed to like making perches of the stones around the workshop before making their way up into the branches of the apple tree.

These Little Bird Wren sculptures are available at Norton Way Gallery.





  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I love wrens and your little fledglings are perfect.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Such lovely companions aren’t they Ellen – thankyou

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